po para decoracao azul tiffany Fab

Decoration powder - Tiffany Blue

Composition: 100% mineral and non-toxic.
Validity: 3 años a partir de la fecha de fabricación (consulte la fecha en la etiqueta del producto).
Storage condition: Store in a cool place, free from moisture and protected from excessive heat.
Package content: Each jar contains 3g,  12 units per box.

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The tiffany blue decoration powder is part of Fab's sparkling line! it is based on the color of the genuine tiffany blue pantone. Its color is greenish, different from anise blue and denim blue. It can be applied dry in layers and thin surfaces, with the aid of a soft bristle brush. It can also be diluted in Fab's Neutral Alcohol Solution! (developed especially for this type of use) and used in the pump/spray or airbrush. It is suitable for decorating thin surfaces such as whipped cream, whipped cream, American paste, sugar paste, flower paste, bean paste, chocolate, cookies, royal icing, macarons and etc. Check the sparkling line colors: gem yellow, anise blue, denim blue, white, lilac, pearlescent, black, cherry pink, dry pink, ultraviolet, leaf green, mint green, strawberry red, christmas red, ruby red. See below for examples of yellow yolk powder decorations made by fabulous pastry chefs.