corante softgel super preto da Fab

Soft Gel Food Coloring - Super Black

Guidance dosage: 5g per kg of final product. It is necessary to leave the preparations at rest for approximately 5 minutes so that, only after this time, the tones are corrected, as the colors intensify over time.

Validity: 24 months.

Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light, heat and moisture.

Package content: 25g: CEach box comes with 6 units / 60g: Box with 6 units (can be sold in units).

Available in colors:  Yellow, Gem Yellow, Blue, Navy Blue, Tiffany Blue, White, Orange, Lilac, Brown, Pink, Pink, Dry Pink, Purple, Salmon, Green, Leaf Green, Lime Green, Mint Green, Super Red, Christmas Red, Red Ruby.


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Fab's Super Black Soft Gel Dye! It has an extremely strong pigmentation, that is, it will leave your final product in the color you most want. It is highly concentrated, favoring a much higher yield compared to liquid and gel dyes. cream (Whipped cream, glâces, whipped cream, etc.) and sugar pastes (American paste, bean paste, etc.). Without causing them to lose stability and have their performance compromised. Its high concentration makes the preparations reach the shade more quickly. A fear that many confectioners have is that the bitter dye, the dye of Fab! not bitter, and best of all, it has great pigmentation and high yield. Its packaging allows for a practical and easy application, the confectioners  love it and with good reason. Below are some models of cakes that were used with Fab's Super Black Soft Gel Dye!