Neocolor Food Coloring - White

Guidance dosage: 1g of dye per kg of final product

Validity: 24 months.

Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light, heat and moisture

Package content: 25g Each box comes with 6 units.

Available in colors: Amarelo, Amarelo gem, Blue, Navy Blue, Tíffany Blue, Orange, Lilás, Marrom, Pink, Super Preto, Pink, Dry Pink, Red, Salmão, Green Folha, Green, Lime Green, Mint Green, Super Vermelho, Vermelho Natal, Vermelho Rubi.

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O Corante Neocolor Branco da Fab! It is a key for confeiteiras, pois mixed to other corants to be able to brighten or overpower a desired cor. It is highly concentrated! Inovação no corante market, or Neocolor Fab corante! Possui functions gathered from all the corants in a single product. Never before manufactured no world, a Fab! Together, the hydrosoluve and liposoluble corants are in a single formula. Enabling application both in aerated bases - As Chantilly, glacês, chantininho and - Sugar paste, American paste, elastic paste and etc. Agora also in fat-based preparations, such as chocolates, keep it common and butter of cocoa.