Liquid Food Coloring - Deep pink

Guidance dosage: 5ml for 1kg of final product

Validity: 36 Months

Storage condition:Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light, heat and moisture.

Package content: 10ml Each box comes with 12 units.

Available in colors: Yellow, Gem Yellow, Blue, Navy Blue, White, Orange, Brown, Pink, Black, Pink, Purple, Salmon, Green, Leaf Green, Mint Green, Red, Christmas Red and Ruby Red.

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The deep Pink Liquid Dye from Fab! is the darling of confectioners a warm and super vivid color. is ideal for those looking for the color of the legitimate pink. It is indicated to enhance or change the color of preparations such as: drinks, cakes, fillings and so on. They need a smaller amount of application, if compared to other liquid colorants on the market. With fast and homogeneous dispersion, they can be mixed together to create new intense and uniform shades. A fear that many confectioners have is that the dye is bitter, the dye of Fab! not bitter, and best of all, it has great pigmentation and high yield. Its packaging allows for a practical and easy application, the confectioners  love it and with good reason. Below are some cake models that were used with Fab's Pink Dye!