Food Coloring Gel - Black

Guidance dosage: 1g per kg of final product.

Validity: 24 months.

Storage condition:Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light, heat and moisture.

Package content: 15g Each box comes with 12 units.

Available in colors: Yellow, Yellow Gem, Navy Blue, Blue
Tiffany, White, Orange, Brown, Pink, Black, Pink, Purple, Salmon, Green, Green
Leaf, Mint Green, Red, Christmas Red and Ruby Red.

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Fab's Black Gel Dye! it has an extremely strong  pigmentation , that is, it will make your final product the color you most want. It has a consistency and texture suitable for application in creamy and aerated bases such as: pastes, icings, fillings, cookies and so on. Contributes to a quick coloration without the preparation destabilize, favoring intense and uniform colors. A fear that many confectioners have is that the dye from bitterness, the dye from Fab! not bitter, and best of all, it has a high yield. Its packaging allows for a practical and easy application, the confectioners  love it and with good reason.  ¡A continuación se muestran algunos modelos de pastel que se usaron con el tinte negro de Fab!